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Massachusetts State Council
Knights of Columbus


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 We, the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus, the third oldest jurisdiction of our Order, welcome you to our award-winning website and are proud to boast of our continuing efforts of practicing our Order's principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Throughout our 270 councils in the state with the 41,000+ members and their families, we conduct numerous programs that directly benefit our Church, Council, Community, Family and Youth.

        This award-winning website is updated on a timely basis to provide you with both written and pictorial examples of how we in Massachusetts practice these principles every day to demonstrate that we are indeed, a Catholic, Family Oriented, Fraternal, Service Organization. Visit this site often and please forward any comments you might have so that we can continue to provide you with information you might want about our wonderful jurisdiction.

Vivat Jesus,

Peter K. Healy
State Deputy


                   2014 State Free Throw Competitors


State Deputy Peter Healy with State Board members and Chairmen addresses

competitors at State Free Throw Contest


                   2014 Region Free Throw Winners


                 South Region Free Throw Winners

       North Region Free Throw Winners

 Boston Region Free Throw Winners


                   Global Wheelchair Mission



Global Wheelchair Mission - Reverend Richard DeVeer Parochial
Vicar of St Francis Xavier Parish in South Weymouth and Former
Associate State Chaplain with patient at St Boniface's Haiti Hospital
where Fr. DeVeer's St Boniface Haiti Charity services.  Fr. DeVeer
sent a picture he took of his last visit to show the Knights of Columbus
Wheelchairs that had been sent to Haiti!!



                Sticker on each wheelchair!!


Donations accepted at State Office for Wheelchairs!!


          2014 March For Life In Washington DC


State Treasurer Paul O'Sullivan (Under Green K of C Defend Life Sign at lower Right)
and Past State Deputy Mike Baldner attended 2014 March For Life in Washington with
Seminarians from Blessed John XXIII Seminary.


          2013 Wreaths Across America



State Deputy Peter Healy Addresses the many attendees at 2013 Wreaths Across
America Ceremony at Bourne Cemetery December 14th in a snow storm.


2013 Wreaths Across America  Pictures from Dec. 14th

          (Click on Red & Wait for Photo Cycle to Begin)




     Wreaths Across America  








             2012 State Wreaths Across America Project  Pictures - from FDD Rich Zopatti


                2012 State Wreaths Across America Project  Pictures - from Exec Sec Dick Guerriero


               2012 State Wreaths Across America Project  Pictures - from DD Lew Corcoran






          Coats For Kids In Office





2013 State Soccer Finals



State Soccer Chairman District Deputy Michael Lesperance talks to competitors
prior to finals.   L-> R  State Youth Director Mike Kirkpatrick, State Program
Director Barry Bell and State Soccer Chairman Mike Lesperance.


State Advocate Bob Morrison talks to competitors prior to finals.   



2013 Soccer Winners with Knights


 9 yr old girl - Samantha McFee from Spencer

 9 yr old boy - William Townshend from Wakefield

10 yr old girl - Lily Modica from Whitinsville  

10 yr old boy - Caleb Ribeiro from Sterling

11 yr old girl - Emily Rio from E. Brookfield

11 yr old boy - Christian Holmberg from Spencer

12 yr old girl - Jacqueline Puda from Whitinsville

12 yr old boy - Mitchell Tebo from Millbury

13 yr old girl - Emily Whittaker-Smith from Northbridge

13 yr old boy - Liam Merlin from Reading

14 yr old boy - Christopher Jennings from Wakefield

14 yr old girl - NO contestants



2013 State Soccer Finals  Pictures from Nov. 16th

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2013 State Charity Ball


           2013 State Charity Ball  Pictures from Oct. 19th

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2013 Silver Rose Pictures




2013 Silver Rose Pictures

 (Click on Red & Wait for Photo Cycle to Begin)




    2013 - 2014 ICON Schedule





                    1. George Anderson    Oct 13 –  Oct 23

                    2. John Hurley               Oct 23 – Nov 2     

                    3. Alberto Matos Sr.     Nov 2  -  Nov 12 

                    4. William Huber           Nov 12 – Nov 23

                    5. Thomas Butler          Nov 23 – Dec 4

                    6. Daniel Arsenault      Dec 4 – Dec 14

                    7. Joseph Kosmas      Dec 14 – Dec24

                    8. David Pollette          Dec 24 – Jan 4

                    9. Justin Ryan               Jan 4 – Jan 15

                    10. Shawn Gowen        Jan 15 – Jan 25

                    11. Alain Carpentier    Jan 25 – Feb 5

                    12. Michael Lesperance  Feb 5 – Feb 15

                    13. Donald Cormier         Feb 15 – Feb 26

                    14. Michael Malanson     Feb 26 – Mar 8

                    15. Robert Morrison        Mar 8 – Mar 19




                    1. Christopher Daniel      Oct 13 – Oct 23

                    2. Timothy Orr                   Oct 23 – Nov 2

                    3. Joseph Kulevich           Nov 2 – Nov 12

                    4. Armand Lamarche Sr. Nov 12 – Nov 23

                    5. John DeCourcy            Nov 23 –Dec 4

                    6. Marc Lyonnais              Dec 4 – Dec 14

                    7. Patrick Curley               Dec 14 – Dec 24

                    8. Jamie Heurtas              Dec 24 – Jan 4

                    9. Cecilio Abreu               Jan 4 – Jan 15

                    10. Nicholas Melanchook Jan 15 – Jan 25

                    11. Richard Sweeney        Jan 25 – Feb 5

                    12. Unassigned                 Feb 5 – Feb 15

                    13. John Curry                    Feb 15 – Feb 26

                    14. Aaron Rodriguez         Feb 26 – Mar 8

                    15. Robert Olson                Mar 8 – Mar 19




                    1. Stanley Kovalski Jr.   Oct 13 – Oct 23

                    2. Richard Walsh Jr.       Oct 23 – Nov 2

                    3. Joseph McHugo          Nov 2 – Nov 12

                    4. George Duncklee        Nov 12 – Nov 23

                    5. Jeremiah Murphy         Nov 23 – Dec 4

                    6. Arthur Butler                  Dec 4 – Dec 14

                    7. Frank Simpson            Dec 14 -  Dec 24

                    8. Kevin McKenna            Dec 24 – Jan 4

                    9. Richard Grassi             Jan 4 – Jan 15

                    10. Kevin Dolan                Jan 15 – Jan 25

                    11. Maurice Sirois            Jan 25 – Feb 5

                    12. Edward Butler             Feb 5 – Feb 15

                    13. Richard Raiche           Feb 15 – Feb 26

                    14. Gary Moore                 Feb 26 – Mar 8

                    15. Frank Sullivan             Mar 8 – Mar 19





2013 State Installation



The Massachusetts State Council Board of State Officers were installed on September 8th at
St Anthony of Padua Parish in Fitchburg.


Installed was State Chaplain Bishop Robert Hennessey (Auxiliary Bishop of Boston), Associate
State Chaplain Father Robert Bruso (Pastor of St Anthony of Padua Parish in Fitchburg, State
Deputy Peter Healy of Fitchburg, State Secretary Russell Steinbach of Dorchester, State Treasurer
Paul O’Sullivan of Foxboro, State Advocate Robert Morrison of Milford and State Warden Paul
Flanagan of Stoughton.



Picture from Lΰ R : Immediate Past State Deputy Michael  and Kathy Baldner of Hyde Park, State Treasurer Paul and Susan
O’Sullivan of Foxboro, State Deputy Peter and Margaret Healy of Fitchburg, State Chaplain Bishop Robert Hennessey (Auxiliary
Bishop of Boston), Associate State Chaplain Father Robert Bruso (Pastor of St Anthony of Padua Parish in Fitchburg, State
Secretary Russell and Donna Steinbach of Dorchester, State Advocate Robert and Ginny Morrison of Milford and State Warden
Paul and Kathy Flanagan of Stoughton.


2013 State Installation Pictures

       (Click on Red & Wait for Photo Cycle to Begin)




Massachusetts State Council Perpetual Memorial . . . . Remembering Our Loved Ones . . . . Click For Details .





    <-----------  SEE OUR NEW MERCHANDISE



Please let State Deputy or State Office (781) 551-0628

know of any death that should be posted!!




More than $167 million and 70 million hours
               donated to charity in 2012


The Knights of Columbus set a new all-time record for charitable donations and service hours in 2012.

The results of the K of C's Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity for the year ending Dec. 31, 2012, indicate
that record amounts of money and hours - more than $167.5 million and 70 million hours - were donated to
charitable causes.

The Knights financial contribution for the year grew by more than $9.4 million to $167,549,817. Contributions
increased for the 13th consecutive year.

The number of volunteer service hours also rose by nearly 64,000 hours from the 2011 total to 70,113,207 hours.
At an average value of $22.14 per service hour as estimated by Independent Sector, the value of the Knights' service
hours last year exceeded $1.55 billion.

Cumulative figures show that during the past decade the Knights of Columbus has donated $1.475 billion to charity
and provided more than 673 million hours of volunteer service in support of charitable initiatives.

Notable beneficiaries during the past year included Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, victims of natural disasters,
local food banks, the economically disadvantaged and physically and intellectually disabled persons. Scholarships and
educational support, as well as a variety of church and community projects were also prominent among the many
initiatives sponsored by local K of C councils.

The survey found that there were more than 420,000 K of C blood donations during 2012. The Knights of Columbus
was among the first groups to recruit blood donors, with formal efforts dating back to 1937.

"Throughout its 131 years, the Knights of Columbus has always practiced charity as its first principle," said Supreme
Knight Carl Anderson. "With so many people enduring great hardship, the Knights of Columbus is happy to help
provide solutions to real people's problems through this great outpouring of charity by our members over the past year."








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        Power of 1 Video (Click to View Video)

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     2012  Verizon Volunteer and Matching Gift Program



******Special Thanks to Verizon Employees:


James Pieroni       from Robert Grannan Council #109 in Arlington

Daniel Fitzpatrick from Readville Council #2980

Kevin Holland      from Plymouth Council #1190


for their donation and time matched by VERIZON for the Charitable Foundation.




Are you a Verizon Employee or Retiree??  If so, please think of the Massachusetts
State Council Charitable Foundation.  Verizon matches dollar for dollar donations
and also pays for your VOLUNTEER hours working for the Knights of Columbus
(All time devoted to Knights of Columbus is Volunteered and can be reimbursed by Verizon.)


Verizon Volunteers Program

To participate in the Verizon Volunteers Program:

  1. Volunteer with an eligible charitable organization or educational institution.
  2. Log your volunteer hours –via the volunteer journal - on the Verizon Foundation website.
  3. Submit an online grant request once you’ve reached 50 volunteer hours.  After submitting your matching gift request send the
    system generated gift confirmation instructions to the benefiting organization or educational institution so they can verify receipt of your donation..




Matching Gift Program

U.S employees and retirees can have their donations to eligible 501 (c)(3) organizations, U.S. public and private schools and U.S.
accredited colleges and universities matched by the Verizon Foundation as follows:

Matching Gifts: 1:1 match up to $1,000 per year, per donor

Matching Gifts – Higher Education:  1:1 match up to $5,000 per year, per donor

To request a matching gift:

  1. Donate to an eligible charitable organization or educational institution.
  2. Register your donation on the Verizon Foundation website.
  3. After submitting your matching gift request send the system generated gift confirmation instructions to the benefiting organization
    or educational institution so they can verify receipt of your donation.













  Newest Edition  Discoverer July 2013



Supreme Council Culture of Life Assessment


  Form 990 Important Information
     K of C ICON Schedule

   STATE FORMS LOG 2013-2014 - Forms as of 04/15/14










Massachusetts Knights of Columbus
Perpetual Memorial Wall

Hosted by the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus State Website

This page is intended to support the Massachusetts State Perpetual Memorial Society.
 This program enables you to remember your living and deceased family members and/or
 Council/Assembly brothers. The cost is $50 per member and the benefits include:

  • At least 100 masses said annually for the members
  • Each new member or their family will receive an Enrollment Certificate
  • Each member's name is displayed on a plaque/scroll which will be displayed at the State Convention each year.
  • Each member's name will be included in the Society Membership Roll which will be published.

The money is deposited in the Massachusetts State Council Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Fund.
Contact the State Executive Secretary for additional information








Knights in Action

  Reports printed in Columbia Magazine from local Massachusetts Councils of the Knights of Columbus on their charitable and fraternal activities. This listing is updated regularly.


Every year, Lawrence Council 67 hosts a major raffle just before Thanksgiving featuring turkeys, hams, desserts and bottles of cheer. The proceeds from the raffle provide the funds necessary to run the council's annual children's Christmas party for approximately 30 young people.

Woburn Council 77 assisted three parishes within the city in the past few months. The council held a plant sale that raised $1,000. Knights used the funds to purchase coats for kids and to help needy families with Christmas gifts. In addition, the council donated $150 to a local outreach program.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Council 11080 in West Brookfield held its annual Christmas party for the children and grandchildren of council members. As everyone sang the last verse of "Here Comes Santa Claus," Santa Claus himself appeared and distributed gifts to all the children. The next day, the council participated in the annual West Brookfield town-wide "White Christmas" event, where all businesses host open houses and sales. The Knights set up a shelter and a fire ring in front of Sacred Heart Church and offered passersby hot chocolate, warm cider, and an opportunity to warm up by the fire. The rest of the council prepared and served New England clam chowder, Italian sausage subs, homemade chili and an assortment of hot and cold drinks inside the church hall. Profits from the event went to support activities for children of the parish.

St. Irene Council 13848 in Carlisle has established a volunteer cooperation with the Lazarus House Emergency Shelter in Lawrence, where the council provides, cooks, and serves a monthly meal for the shelter's homeless residents. The council served its first dinner in October 2013, and menus have included spaghetti and meatballs, baked hams, and Chinese food.

Members of St. Michael the Archangel Circle 5539 in Methuen traveled to the National Cemetery in Bourne to assist with the Wreaths Across America project there. Along with fellow volunteers, Squires laid donated Christmas wreaths on the gravesites of fallen veterans.



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                                   Please help up keep our records updated

In an effort to improve communications to and from the State Office, we are continuing to compile an e-mail address list for the jurisdiction of Massachusetts. With this list, time sensitive correspondence can be distributed quickly. We would ask that the Councils and/or Grand Knights with e-mail addresses, please forward them to the State Office (Be sure to include name, Council number and present title).

      State Office E-Mail is:



                                                                    Fr. Michael J. McGivney


 Support the Knights of Columbus cause for Father McGivney.
Visit this website
for more information. 

Father Michael J. McGivney


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