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Hopedale: Seven Hills Foundation receives grant

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State Council presents Check to Seven Hills

L->R State Advocate Paul Flanagan, State Treasurer Bob Morrison, State Deputy Russ Steinbach, Doctor David Jordan – President & CEO/ Seven Hills Foundation, Brenda Zona Program Director for the Seven Hills Pediatric Center at Hopedale, State Warden Mike Lesperance

Seven Hills Foundation in Hopedale Donation Video — Please Watch

HOPEDALE – An organization that provides health and human services for children and adults with severe physical and mental handicaps has received a $100,000 grant from the Massachusetts State Council Knights of Columbus to aid in renovating a Hopedale mansion into a home for handicapped children.

Seven Hills Foundation – a non-profit organization with headquarters in Worcester that provides health and human services for children and adults with significant physical and mental handicaps – purchased the historic 34 Adin St. mansion last June for $1.2 million and renovations began shortly after.

According to a press release from the foundation, renovations to the 18,000-square-foot home began “several months ago to the home’s interior to transform the residence to accommodate accessibility tools, such as recessed lifts, wheelchair ramps, therapeutic physical and occupational therapy equipment … and more, while preserving the historic significance of this elegant property.”

Bill Stock, the foundation’s vice president for government and community relations, said renovations should be complete by next month.

“One thing that has been dragging,” Stock said, is an elevator to an upper floor, preventing some patients from moving in.

Patients started using the facility at the end of December, he said.

“We’re about 95 percent complete,” he said.

With the help of state funding, Stock said the children, who are currently in a facility in Whitinsville, will be moved to the location once the necessary renovations are made inside the home.

The home, built in 1850, was considered to be a potential site for Hopedale’s Town Hall this spring, but residents at a public forum in late March shot down the idea.

According to a realtor, the mansion was home to Frank Dutcher, former president of the Draper Corporation, once the largest maker of textile looms in the country.

Sometime after Dutcher’s death in 1930, the home was sold and converted into a nursing home about 50 or 60 years ago. The home was converted back into a residence in 2005, but the property was foreclosed on in 2012.

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