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Councils are the basic unit of the Knights of Columbus and the primary point of division of the Jurisdiction of Massachusetts.   Massachusetts' councils are made up of Parish Councils, Home Councils, College Councils, and Military Councils.   Parish councils are based in the local parish the council serves.  Home councils also serve a parish community but are based out of a council hall.  College councils are based on college campuses and military councils are based on military installations.  Each council works to identify and then assist the needs of its local community consistent with the principles of the order of the Knights of Columbus and our catholic faith. 

Our "Find a Council" feature can be used to help you find a council based on its geographic location in the state.  Useful information, including cities/towns served, home parish(es), and council type will help you find the best KOfC Council to meet your needs. For information on College Councils and Military Councils, click on the following page links:  College CouncilsMilitary Councils.


Chapters are associations of Councils all located within a Diocese or Archdiocese in the state.  Membership in the Chapter is open to any council within the applicable Diocese and each council is represented by a delegation of Knights led by the council's Grand Knight.  Chapters provide programming in line with the principles of the Knights of Columbus to the entire diocesan community.  Massachusetts currently has three chapter, located in Boston, Worcester, and Fall River.  Information on the Chapters can be found on our KOfC Chapters page.



Fourth Degree Assemblies are associations of affiliated councils' Fourth Degree Members.  Every council in the Jurisdiction of Massachusetts is affiliated with a local Fourth Degree Assembly.  The Assemblies have their own officers, mission, and facilitate the involvement of the Fourth Degree, especially its color corps, to assist local councils, parishes, and the community at large.

More information about the Fourth Degree, also known as the Patriotic Degree, can be found on our Fourth Degree website.  For a listing of the Fourth Degree assemblies in the Jurisdiction of Massachusetts, please proceed to our Fourth Degree Assemblies page.

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