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John DiPietro (Barbara)


The Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882 in New Haven, Connecticut, by Father Michael J. McGivney, a parish priest at St. Mary's Catholic Church. In less than 120 years it has grown to include 1.6 million members around the world, including the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Guam. Last year alone, the Knights donated over $130 million and 61 million hours of service to charitable causes. The 46,000 Massachusetts Knights and their families donated over $2.92 million to local handicapped and mentally challenged agencies and individuals. Many Massachusetts children and their families have benefited from the grants through the Massachusetts State Council Knights of Columbus Charity Fund.


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Joseph McHugo FDD
Michael Malanson FDD
John Curry FDD Charles Spath  PGK
William F. Donovan PSD
Paul Perry PGK


June 2015 Conference Program Slide Presentation 

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              2015 State Free Throw Competition



  Massachusetts Knights of Columbus Free Throw Champions
  Boys Girls
9 Year Old Marcus Cardoza-Falmouth#813 Hailee Thouin-Fairview#4044
10 year old Andrew Balliro-St. Andre Bessette Blackstone#15829 Dana Possick-Bridgewater#488
11 year Old Michael VanNeste-Falmouth#813 Sofia D'Agostino-Bishop Ruocco#9275
12 year Old Maxwell Lindbergh-Reading#1031 Tiffany Cheok-Bishop Ruocco#9275
13 year Old Anthony Disanto-Tewksbury#4336 Mikaela Fallon-Foxboro#6063
14 year Old Gabriel Nicotera-Easthampton#1116 Alice Najimy-Pittsfield#103


2015 State Final Free Throw Competition  Pictures
           from March 28th (DD Don Rice)

          (Click on Red & Wait for Photo Cycle to Begin)


2015 State Final Free Throw Competition  Pictures
           from March 28th (DD Rich Zopatti)

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              2014 State Charity Ball



           State Board at 2014 Charity Dinner

 2014 State Charity Ball  Pictures - Click to View (Thanks to DD Don Rice)


 2014 State Charity Ball  Pictures - Click to View (Thanks to DD Rich Zopatti)


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2013 State Cribbage Tournament


2013 State Cribbage Tournament winners L->R

  • T-2nd Place - Gordon Weir (Dorchester)
  • 1st Place - Tom DeRosa (Charlestown)
  • T-2nd Place - Joe O’Sullivan (Foxboro)
  • Tournament Director - Raymond Mercuri Jr (Wilmington)

2012 State Cribbage Tournament at Council 4982 Wilmington

  • L-> R  Raymond Mercuri, Jr - Tournament Director(Wilmington)
  • Jim Murphy - 1st place winner (Malden)
  • Jerry Sheehan - T-2nd (Charlestown)
  • Vin Tortorici T-2nd (Tewksbury)




Worthy Brother Knights,

Please encourage your Brother Knights to donate blood. Many don't realize the importance of giving blood until someone in their family is in an accident, diagnosed with cancer, or is undergoing surgery. The blood used to help these patients comes directly from everyday people in the community who realize that in about an hour, they can literally save the lives of three people! Donating blood is such a simple way to give to your community.

It only takes an hour, in fact, the actual donation only lasts about fifteen minutes, and rarely hurts. Most say, "I want to donate, but I'm afraid of needles!" Who isn't? The nurses and technicians are highly trained and are great at making the donor feel comfortable during the donation process. A first-time blood donor quickly realizes that there is nothing to it, and wonders why he or she was afraid all this time.

The general guidelines for giving blood are that the donor must be 17 years of age or older, weigh at least 110 pounds, and is feeling well on the day of donation. Giving blood is extremely safe and a brand new needle is used for each donation, so there is no risk of contracting any sort of disease from giving blood.

The American Red Cross New England Region must collect over 1,400 units of blood a day to keep up with the demand for blood for local hospitals. You would think we would have plenty of blood donors, but the fact is only 5% of the eligible population donates blood. We need new blood donors to begin giving and need those lapsed donors to start giving again. The need for blood is constant with a shelf life of only 42 days.

Blood is free for Brother Knights and their families. Insurance companies pay for processing.

Please let me know when you are planning to have your blood drive and how many pints were collected.