The list below is that of F.D.Ds, DDs, Grand Knights, State Officers, Past State Officers, and members in the Church Hierarchy in Massachusetts who we have been informed have passed away died in the past year (July 1, 2016-Present) or who have died and were not recorded in the Necrology previously. These men will be read at the State Convention and later at the Mass for Deceased Members at the Supreme Council.

Deceased GKs, DDs, FDDs, Chaplains, State Officers, PSOs, Member & Church Hierarchy

First Name Last Name Title Council Last Year Served
John F. Connell F.D.D. 109 1976
Richard P. Conte Current D.D. 3963 2017
Joseph DiCalogero Former General Agent 252  
Paul P. DiVirgilio F.D.D 103 1983
William J. Durant F.D.D. 1308 2003
Erwin D. Earle F.D.D. 2536 1981
Robert T. Joy F.D.D. 2911 1980
Martin F. McMahon Jr Former Master 3745 1992
Raymond J. Varin Jr F.D.D. 199 1986
Stephen E. Wisniewski F.D.D. 5585 1991
Richard Stosez F. D.D. 4982 2006
Fernando (Dick) Tuano F.D.D. 10346 2006
Peter G. Voisine F. D.D. 3819 2016