Massachusetts Grand Knight Handbook

Table of Contents

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Admission Degree Hints
A New Beginning Letter From State Deputy
Altar Server Award Recognition Program
Altar Server Award Form
Application For Relief From Payment Council Dues
Badge Order Information - Form
Bishop Minihan Memorial Award Guidelines  
Bishop Minihan Memorial Award Nomination Form
Blood Drive Program - Chairman’s Letter
Blood Drive Program - Steps-Report
Blood Drive Program - Report Form
Building A Culture Of Life Resolution
By-Laws - Massachusetts State Council
Catholic College Scholarship Application - State Council 
Charity Fund Application and Guidelines
Charity Fund Campaign Report  
Columbia Submitting Guidelines
Columbian Award Application Suggestions
Council Awards
Council Name Change
Council Officer Duties
Council Visitation Form
Culture of Life Plan Outline
Crusade for Life Letter
Did You Know??
Emblem of the Order
Essay Contest
Family of the Month/Year Program
Family of the Month/Year Program Manual
Family of the Month Form
Father Wants You' Membership Campaign
First Degree Ceremonials Book Request
Free-Throw Championship Handbook
Free-Throw Participation Form
Grand Knight's Guide
Inactive Member Sample Letter
Installation Of Council Officers Script
K of C Means Service
Leadership Resources
Masonic Declaration By Cardinal Ratzinger
Masonic Letter From Former Supreme Advocate
Masonic Vs Catholic Information
Member Interest Survey
Membership Handbook
Membership 365 - Star Power
Merged Council and Selling of Building Process
Perpetual Memorial Society
Prayers for a Deceased Member
Protocol Handbook
Public Relations Letter & Request Form
Pulpit Announcements
Raffle Guidelines
Raffle Report 
Raffle Resolution-Convention 2008 
Reactivation Guidelines
Recruitment Council Activities Tool
Recruitment Strategies
Reinstatement Program For Suspended or Inactive Member
Relocation Sample Letter
Rental (License) Agreement Letter 
Rental Agreement Disclaimer
Retention-An Offer Of Help
Retention Forms Guide
Retention Strategies-Every Council Active
Retention Strategies-Fraternal  First and Foremost
Retention Strategies-Honor Members Always There
Retention Strategies-Once He Joins-Keep Him Involved
Retention Strategies-Summer Slump
Retention Strategies-Well Run Meetings
Roundtable Program Guideline
RSVP-Guidelines (Refund Support Vocations Program)
Rules Wearing 3rd Degree Dress Jewel
Rules Governing Use of Order's Emblem
Selling of Building Process & Merged Council  
Scholarship Application  
Shining Knight
Soccer Challenge  
Soccer Challenge Entry Entry & Score Sheet
Soccer Challenge Guidelines
Soccer Challenge Kit Order Form
State Council By-Laws
State Deputy’s “A New Beginning” Letter
State Deputy’s “Crusade for Life” Letter
These Men They Call Knights
Veteran's Affairs
Vocations Handbook
Website Information
Welcome Back Brother Program
What This Organization Stands For?